Document your SQL Server environment

Maintaining documentation on your SQL environment can be a challenging, time-consuming task for SQL Server admins. Use SQLDocKit to eliminate endless manual documentation. It takes only a few minutes to generate professional-looking documentation about your SQL Server settings. Simple, fast, and accurate!

Collect comprehensive details about all SQL Server instances

Document the SQL environment for your client, or provide a complete report about your internal IT infrastructure to your boss. Customize your documentation file by choosing the most important and relevant data.

  • Information about all SQL Servers across domains.
  • Reports about databases, their size, database files.
  • Comprehensive information about server editions, versions, releases.
  • CPU, memory, other important infrastructure metrics.
  • Information about Azure SQL Servers and databases
  • SQL Server logins, database role permissions.
  • SQL Server BI services (SSIS/SSAS/SSRS) and much more.

Create professional-looking documentation containing all your SQL server settings

Collect, Generate, Analyze

  1. Take a snapshot of your SQL Server environment.
  2. Click “Generate”, and choose in the format of the exported documentation.
  3. Open the documentation file, and analyze the information.

Export and analyze the most important SQL Server details

Documentation of your SQL Server instances, databases, and BI services can be exported as a Word, PDF, or Excel file. Share the documentation, print it out, or easily filter and analyze data using an Excel file.

See how easy it is!